Yin Yang,
Two Aspects Of One Reality,
And The Dancing Wu Li Masters

It is probably safe to say that the Yin - Yang symbol is the most widely known and recognized symbol of the Orient to the Western world.

Bruce Lee introduced his special fighting art half of a century ago to the West thru his movies and Jeet-Kun-Do schools, collaterally spreading Chinese culture. Ever since, Yin and Yang became a part of our culture, also, embroided in every Martial Artist`s uniform, and a basic symbol of Oriental Medicine, and consequently of acupuncture.

Yin and Yang symbol

Yin and Yang describe nature, cosmos, ultimately the human body as a dynamic harmony. It is not an absolute value, rather it is a relative relation, there is Yin in every Yang state and vica versa. yinyang mountains

Buddha hold heaven

Buddha stands on Earth (Yin), holding Heaven (Yang).

The early sun (a little Yang) shines on the dark Earth (Yin), the day is getting brighter and brighter (more and more Yang) as the darkness retrieves (smaller and smaller Yin).

The dark side of slope (Yin) already has a little sunshine sprinkled on(Yang) while on its bright side (Yang) there is always some shadow (Yin).

They are in a dynamic interaction, nothing is absolute.

Yin and Yang attributes

How does the Yin Yang concept relate to acupuncture or medicine, altogether?

Well, as long as our body remains in harmony, in a perfectly balanced inner homeostasis, it is able to heal itself. As soon as imbalances occur, either because of blockage, underproduction (Yin) or overproduction (Yang), diseases emerge.

Western medicine without a doubt acknowledges this, probably unknowingly. Whenever your doctor talks about hyperthermia, hyperlipidemia, hyperthyroidism, hypertension, and so on, he`s describing Yang, and the oposites like hypothermia, hypolipidemia, hypothyroidism, hypotension, et cetera, are all Yin conditions.

Some more examples are depicted on the following figure.


The goal of the acupuncture treatment is to open up the blockages, reestablish free energy flow, attain again a balanced inside homeostasis...

...and the body will take care of itself.

Natural healing will be induced and the body returns to balance and health.

zen circle That is what the Zen circle, our clinic`s logos symbolizes. There is the healthy state in the bottom, then imbalances occur and the body gets sick, then thru acupuncture the imbalances are solved and the body returns to the origin, to harmony, to a balanced homeostasis, and to ultimate health.

Promoting Natural Healing.

If you think the philosophy of Yin and Yang is too esoteric or far-fetched, let me point it out that it is actually modern quantum physics with all its paradox that describes our reality in a way that is perfectly matching with the ancient Yin and Yang theory.

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Einstein`s equation Yang (Energy) is at the verge of becoming Matter (Yin), while Yin (matter) is at the verge of becoming energy, they`re absolutely interchangable, the common constant being the speed of light (C) on the square.

This realization earned Einstein the Nobel prize, and changed our view about nature, matter and energy altogether. It is only amazing how was this known to our ancestors millenia ago symbolized as Yin Yang.

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