My Whirling Dervish,
and the 5 TIBETANs

My whirling dervish is an interesting story.

I have not specifically mentioned this to anyone, yet, there was no significance, but now, that I want to introduce the 5 Tibetans to you, a unique Tibetan rejuvenating exercise, an old story comes to mind that happened to me a long time ago…

…In Istanbul, Turkey, back in 1985, in the Cerrah Pasa hospital. Cerrah Pasa Hospital Badge

As an exchange student, I was called to see a consult. It was my habit (still is) that when I am asked to see a consult I usually go to see and talk to the patient first, before I peruse the charts or look at the other available studies and images, so my initial though process and opinion will not be biased.

This patient was nothing special, I estimated him around sixty years old, lied there with some partial small bowel obstruction.

After I was done with my exam and interview (it was limited because of the language barrier and he was not that talkative, anyway) I went to see his chart.

First things first, as a basic rule, check the name and DOB. The name matched, but the patient, whose chart the nurse gave me, was born in the late 1890`s, making my surgical consult almost ninety years old at that time, an obvious impossibility. It was the wrong chart, or at least so I thought.

To my polite but assertive questioning, and my greatest surprise, the nurse remained adamant and confirmed my patient`s data. It was my patient!

Imagine my astonishment.

Yes, you are right, it happens all the time, people can look younger or older than their chronologic age, I understand that. But this man was something else. He looked more than thirty years younger than his chronological age, and do not forget under that climate, shepherds like him age faster and look older than usual. So, my man was definitely unique.

I ran back to check on him, showed him to my fellows, busy, they were not that impressed, he was an old man after all, who cares that he is sixty or ninety?

Well, I cared. I tried to find out more about him, but again, nothing special. He did not do anything different, did not eat different than the other shepherds. As for the review of systems and social history, no tobacco, no alcohol, no meat, and religiously he belonged to the Mevlevi Order. I did not understand the significance of that at that moment but later I learnt and saw their performances.

The members of the Mevlevi Order (I do not want to bore you with a history lesson about their origins) regularly perform spinning rituals to clean and unify spirit, body, and mind, in order to connect with divine power.

I fully understand that being a whirling dervish might be just a confounding factor in his young appearance and nothing to do with the spinning, but…

…I cannot ignore the coincidence that spinning around one`s axis, exactly how the whirling dervishes do, is the first in the series of the five Tibetan rejuvenating exercises.

This was my first encounter with The Five Tibetan, of course, I had no idea about it at the time.

The enlightenment came approximately ten years later when I got initiated on three degress in Prana-nadi, a mysterious energy work and healing art originated from Tibet, when I got also introduced to the five Rejuvenating Rituals of Tibet, more known as The Five Tibetan.

When I saw Sienna and Sophia, my two little daughters, playing around after bath performing these moves astonishingly resembling the actual Tibetan rituals, I asked Sophia to put on her ballet dress and actually demonstrate the exercises. (even a five year old can do it)

Why the Five Tibetans?

Because as opposed to Tai-Chi, QiGong and Yoga practices, these exercises are less known to the public, if known at all, and performing them takes very little time out of our busy daily routine (minutes, actually) and they are very effective.

Depending on your fitness level they can be a little bit challenging, not as easy as it looks, nonetheless they are easier than the Yoga postures, they rejuvenate, and as a side effect strengthen your muscles and tendons.

They can be exercised anywhere, anytime, and they do not require as much time to master, no time at all actually, as opposed to Yoga, Kung Fu and the others, yet they have the same rejuvenating, anti-aging, and healing power. (Performed regularly on a daily basis.)


These pictures are only for demonstration, I encourage you to find an authentic master, or DVDs, or more information on the subject because the breathing, the rhythm, number of repetition, connecting the postures smoothly, all has significance but describing them in detail would go beyond the space and purpose of this website.

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Whirling Dervishes



Tibetan #1

Arms stretched to the sides, palms open, facing Earth. Spin 21 times clock-wise.


Tibetan #2

Lift your straightened legs up little bit passing perpendicular angle, raise your head and tuck your chin.


Tibetan #3

Kneel. Arch back from the waist. Stretch your head backwards.



You`re a table. Chin, chest, abdomen, thighs create one horizontal line.



You`re a cobra.