Traumatic Brain Injury
Scalp Acupuncture

In regards to traumatic brain injury, scalp acupuncture can address the different function deficits, cognitive impairment, and pain.


Pain Free (!)

I have had constant headaches since my car accident almost a year ago; all day, everyday! I have a Traumatic Brain Injury and usually my headaches are #7 or #8 on the pain scale. The lowest they have ever been since my accident is like a #3. Last night I saw Dr. Mihaly for the very first time and I am Pain Free! My headache is GONE! My Mom started crying because she hates to see me in pain all the time! Thank you! It feels like a miracle!

Spencer G (Bedford, Pa)

The (closed) traumatic brain injury is frequently not a localized brain area damage (like in stroke for example) but a diffuse, shear axon injury distributed throughout the entire brain, caused by sudden acceleration and deceleration forces.

If the brain stem is (hopefully) spared, and the acute phase edema and increased intracranial pressure is successfully controlled, the functions will eventually slowly recover.

To facilitate this recovery, scalp acupuncture, shortly after injury in the acute phase, or even later in the more chronic rehab phase, could be, should be implemented.

To my best knowledge, outside of China and Japan, scalp acupuncture has not yet been implemented in the acute, (ICU-phase) of the treatment of TBI and stroke victims. However, in the rehabilitation phase, there are more and more reports about scalp acupuncture use in western medicine, CSA mostly in US, and YNSA mainly in Europe and Japan.

Also, there are compelling army military acupuncture experiences reported about the use of scalp acupuncture in post combat traumatic brain injury victims. More on this in a different chapter...

While in coma...

...even if the patients are still "locked in", their perception (on a subconscious level)is usually there, they can sense the surrounding, so support (family) is very important.

Just keep on constantly stimulating...

even after the ICU phase... when rehab starts, which point, ideally earlier,

... Scalp Acupuncture can supplement ongoing Physical,Physio, OT/PT, psychology, and other therapies.

Traumatic Brain Injury frequently affects very young individuals both in the military and civilian population.

It was always devastating for me seeing the large number of teenagers presenting with traumatic brain injury due to bike, car, diving, shoot out, and other accidents, both when I worked as a trauma surgeon in Hungary, and as a Trauma Surgical Chief Resident in the US.

While in Japan working as a surgical fellow I have heard about a special acupuncture technique, Scalp Acupuncture, used to influence, improve central nervous disorders, and pain syndrome.


Modern neurosurgery embraced with intensive therapy support made incredible advances in treating central nervous disasters, stopping the intracranial bleeds, evacuate the hemorrhage and/or remove the damaged areas if needed. Modern surgical intensive care units provide the necessary life sustaining support while awaiting for the central nervous system to recuperate so the patient can be weaned off from the meds and vents.

Despite of these accomplishments, the rehab phase of central nervous damages is usually “wait and see”... Yet, besides Physical and Rehab Medicine, Occupational and Physical Therapy, scalp acupuncture could affect the brain to achieve (faster) recovery.

This is done only in Japan and China, to my best knowledge, where Western and Eastern Medicine work parallel together to facilitate the recovery process. (9000 needles documentary)


The scalp, overlapping the brain, has a special energetic influence on the underlying neuro-anatomical brain cortex, ganglions, and stem. It also influences the spinal cord, and more, literary overseeing and supervising the whole body. As such, while it’s theoretically and also practically possible to treat many diseases with scalp acupuncture, its applications remained mainly designated to neurological, and neuro-musculo-sceletal disorders.


The appointment starts with the usual history and physical, a neurological exam, establishing the lost function(s). Every neurological brain function has a defined neuro-anatomical representation on the cortex and this area corresponds with a precise scalp area on the surface, found and localized by anatomical landmarks.

Then, the responsible scalp areas are to be targeted with needles, stimulating them by either manually or electrically (CSA). Or follow a certain microsystem protocol (YNSA).


The bio-energetic, and bio-magnetic connection between the scalp and the underlying brain cortex...

  • Increasing vascular flow
  • Increasing oxygenation
  • Improving neuro-chemical transmitter conduct
  • Re-training the brain(other areas take over)
  • Establishing new synapses
  • Regenerating neuron and axonal damage
  • Repairing myelin sheat damage lost due to axon/shear injury or anti-inflamatory processes


  • Inconsolable headaches due to traumatic brain injury are completely gone in 70% of the patients at the time of the first treatment.
  • 70% of the patients' function deficit responds and improves at least 70% at the first visit, and continues improving.
  • There is a small percentage of patients who does not respond for certain reasons but pain is always modifiable.


    Scalp Acupuncture can be an excellent complementing modality to chiropractor, massage, physical medicine, neurobehavioral modifications, physical therapy in the arsenal of rehabilitating traumatic brain injury patients (and/or other central nervous damages...)

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