Scalp Acupuncture is an effective treatment for central nervous system diseases.

In case you landed on this page by browsing the net and not by a direct click from our previous page, the question we're trying to answer is...

"why nobody ever told us about it?"

#1 Western Doctors Don’t Know About It.

  • One reason can be that western doctors are usually only trained in allopathic principles, they cannot conceptualize traditional medicine principles. Consequently they are not interested in learning about it. So they will not recommend it.

  • #2 Traditional Practitioners “Traditionally” Use The Meridian System

  • In regards to traditional practitioners, this technique is still kind of new and revolutionary, somehow out of the scope of their practice, and attention.

    The licensed acupuncturists’ training and comfort zone is meridian acupuncture, pulse, and tongue diagnosis, and they are very good at it. But they are not that interested in neurology, and neuro-anatomy so they do not apply these western medical principles into their practice.

  • #3 Special Neuro-Anatomical Knowledge Required

  • To apply it successfully requires special training, special neuro-anatomical knowledge, and interest. Western trained physicians, neurologists, and neurosurgeons has the required knowledge base, and if they are also trained and interested in acupuncture, and further specialize in Scalp Acupuncture, they can achieve great results if they integrate their special neurological knowledge with (scalp) acupuncture principles.

    This is a special requirement and combination. Western physicians are not interested in TCM principles, and acupuncturists are not interested in learning neuro-anatomy.

  • #4 NO TIME

  • Now in case a neurologist, a neurosurgeon, a trauma surgeon, a family physician, a physiatrist physician (they are the ones most frequently caring for the acute phase or the aftermath of acquired brain disasters) learn acupuncture, and further specialize in scalp acupuncture, they are too busy with their everyday practice to be able to afford to spend one hour or more one-on-one time with one single patient.

    Obviously, utilizing many parallel treatment rooms with the practitioner moving from room to room to provide the manual stimulation, or utilizing self-controlled-electro-acupuncture with reliable patients can be a solution.


  • Licensed acupuncturists do not use this technique because lack of referral and demand to treat central nervous diseases with acupuncture. Unfortunately, neither the caregivers nor the patients understand the potential benefits of scalp acupuncture in nervous system damages.

    Consequently, licensed acupuncturists most frequently encounter with internal medical physiologic conditions and pain problems which then can be treated with meridian or ear acupuncture.


  • Physicians and licensed acupuncturists generally do not market this technique. Sometimes they do locally, but usually there are not too many good websites out there about this technique.

    If they are in a private setting their web-designer puts up a limited pages brochure-type website which hangs unindexed in the cyberspace at the best, or no website at all at the worst.

    If they’re practicing in a larger facility, their services will be mentioned on the company/hospital's website without any specifics about scalp acupuncture, unless the acupuncturist actively pursue the marketing department to specifically mention it.


  • In terms of the information on the web, the websites dealing with the different diseases, like CMTA, ALS, stroke, MS, and many other associations, do not mention to the sufferers scalp acupuncture as an option to incorporate it into the therapeutical planning.

    Acupuncture websites, (and western neurology websites) do not specifically mention scalp acupuncture's benefits...

    So if one searches for information on acupuncture, s/he'll miss its potential benefits for neurological diseases, or reverse, searching for advice on specific neurological conditions, for example MS, Lou Gehrig, Charcot-Marie-Tooth, traumatic brain injury, etc., one won't find association or reference to trying scalp acupuncture.

    That is why website forums, chatrooms, or the patientslikeme website can be an invaluable source of exchange of information among the involved patients towards viable alternative solutions.

  • #8 It Is New

  • Also, scalp acupuncture is only a couple of decades old, it didn’t have too much time yet to widely spread. Yes, articles are circulating in acupuncture journals but it didn’t reach the western medical community, yet. After all, acupuncture itself needed a couple of hundreds if not thousands of years to “break in ”. Scalp Acupuncture, being only a couple of decades old, probably needs some more time.

    Hopefully this time it is going to be accepted and become known faster due to our accelerated modern information/internet age. If this knowledge reaches all the frustrated sufferers who until this point did not know where to go for help, my efforts and this site were not in vain.

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