Scalp Acupuncture

Scalp Acupuncture is a less known, very unique style of acupuncture.

It can be successfully (and easily) incorporated into, and complement other osteo-, and allopathic therapies for many...

Peripheral and/or Central Nervous System Disorders

Hence the newly arising nomenclature; Neuro-Acupuncture.

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  • It is very useful to improve function loss secondary to any type of neurological dysfunction; let it be brain, spine, or peripheral nervous system damage.

    In other words, no matter what the western diagnosis is, scalp treatments focus on the symptoms, addressing the lost function regardless of the etiology. It doesn’t matter if the neurological dysfunction is caused by underlying inflammatory, autoimmune process, vascular catastrophe (like stroke), hypoxia (like cerebral palsy) and so on... the therapy is guided by the objective neurological findings, and subjective symptoms (CSA) and/or following a certain, logical microsystem diagnostic protocol (YNSA).


    The needles are placed into the scalp…

    ...the difference is from traditional acupuncture is that the scalp points used (usually) do not belong to the body’s classic meridian channel points.

    YNSA (Yamamoto's New Scalp Acupuncture)

    YNSA handles the scalp as a microsystem; every point has a precise, millimeter-exact location. It is not too difficult to master under a very good instructor, and if it's performed accurately it has amazing, instant impact on improving serious, even chronic conditions in the majority of the cases.

    Yamamoto`s points need to be absolutely precisely measured, localized, and needled, to achieve maximum results. The "Y" points correspond with the traditional meridian system, and the "Basic Points" relate to the musculoskeletal system.


    The therapy is guided by following microsystem diagnostic principles, (usually neck and/or abdomen), in a very logical manner.

    CSA (Chinese Scalp Acupuncture)

    Instead of millimeter precise points, Chinese scalp acupuncture targets scalp zones that are corresponding with the underlying exact neuro-anatomical areas on the cortex of the brain.


    The therapy is based on the neuro exam, relating it to the responsible cerebrum areas, needling the scalp zone above the damaged brain structure.

    Scalp Acupuncture can help…

    Dr. Hao and Dr. Mihaly

    Dr. Mihaly (left) with Dr. Jishun (Jason) Hao (right), the father of modern CSA in the United States.

    ...How far would you go...?

    Millions and millions are affected by traumatic brain injury, stroke, MS, ALS, CMT, Cerebral Palsy and many other motor neuron and sensory neuron peripheral or central nervous damage.

    Although western medicine provide medical and physico-therapy support, scalp acupuncture can be a very important modality to add.

    No matter if you are closely involved with patients with similar central nervous disasters or just simply interested, this documentary will touch you...

    The good news is (at least for those of you who does not live in China)...

    That you do not need to travel to China!!!...

    ... to receive the treatments demonstrated in 9000 Needles.

    The founders of Chinese Scalp Acupuncture and their many prominent disciples are practicing in the United States. I am planning to post a comprehensive list on them so you can confidently choose an expert depending on your geographic location.

    To locate an (physician) acupuncturist who is treating neurological conditions in your area, type "Scalp Acupuncture + the diagnosis + Your area" into the search box below...

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    Besides China, Japan, or US, there are many practitioners trained in Scalp Acupuncture worldwide...

    ...all countries of (especially western) Europe, India, Brazil, can be a strong example but it is spreading, so you might be able to locate one in your own country.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    If Japanese and Chinese scalp systems are a viable option for these serious central nervous system disorders…

    … why nobody ever told us about them?”

    Very good question... Read on...


    To read about CSA's evolution, history, and how it works, please click here...

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    Needle Positions

  • very effective
  • minimally invasive
  • painless
  • scalp needles in FMS area

    Manual Stimulation

    scalp needle manipulation

    DR. ZHU treats paralysis

    Internationally Acclaimed Scalp Acupuncturists

    Dr. Toshikatsu Yamamoto, M.D.,
    Yamamoto Hospital Acupuncture Institute,
    Chuo-dori, 1-10-15, Nichinan, Miyazaki, Japan

    Dr. med. Thomas Schockert,
    Facharzt für Allgemeinmedizin, Naturheilverfahren
    Am Eisernen Kreuz 2c, 52385 Nideggen,
    Tel.: +49 (2427) 90 24 24

    Dr. Zhu
    Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture Center
    1754 Technology Drive
    San Jose, California 95110
    Tel: 408-885-1288

    Dr. Jason Hao
    Dr. Linda Hao

    International Academy Of
    Chinese Scalp Acupuncture
    2019 Galisteo Street, Suite C-1
    Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
    Phone: 505-986-0542
    Fax: 505-986-8984

    Dr. Hegyi Gabriella
    Yamamoto Intezet
    Petőfi u. 79.
    Budapest XIX. (KisPest), Hungary
    Tel./fax: 011-36-1-281-3035