Obesity is not a disease...

Keywords: obesity, hyperinsulinemia, insulin sensitivity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia


Occurrence of a disease in a certain geographical area at a particular time.

Widespread disease over a large geographical area.


Obesity is a pandemic...

…or at least this is the "official story" provided by the CDC and other government agencies since they came up with the new interpretation of the Body Mass Index which puts even Arnold Scwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone into the overweight category.

Obesity pandemic has been created by statistical biases.

Big Fat Liars reveals how mammoth corporations, media, and lobbyists manipulate us...

Nevertheless, it is true that our modern lifestyle, eating habits, food industry, and lack of physical activity make it inevitable to put on those extra pounds years after years.

There is a correlation (according to official sources) between obesity and coronary artery disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis, stroke, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, respiratory problems. On the other hand, recent research started challenging that there is no scientific evidence supporting the legend that losing weight alone will reduce the risk of coronary artery disease as an independent risk factor.

Nonetheless, by losing weight we do not only feel and look better but (hopefully) we will become healthier, and also live longer.

No matter what official sources tell you, no matter how the mainstream media blows it out of proportion…


Obesity is a ...


...just like hypertension, or at least 95% of the cases when we do not know the cause, diabetes, especially Non-Insulin-Dependent-Diabetes, and Hypercholesterolemia.

Although you might (rightfully) think that they`re individual diseases, they are not, there is a common denominator, so to speak, responsible to these seemingly separate disease entities.

Whereas, just like obesity, they are only the manifestation of a common underlying metabolic cause.

And that cause is called hyperinsulinemia, resulting in Insulin Resistance, subsequently leading to more insulin release, hyperinsulinemia.


  • Hyperinsulinemia - Too much Insulin in the blood
  • Insulin Resistance - More and more Insulin is needed to maintain the same normal blood sugar

  • On this webpage we`ll review why is hyperinsulinemia a problem, why it won`t let you lose weight, and how it leads to all the above mentioned, seemingly separate, disease manifestations.

    And yes, solving the common underlying problem, you will lose weight, and "miraculously" you`ll need less and less anti-hypertensive, anti-cholesterol, and diabetic medications, if any at all.

    It Can Happen To You

    Yes, it can happen to you, and it actually does happen to millions of us on a daily basis getting between the jaws Allopathic Medicine, namely the symptom treatment vicious cycle, or Allopathic Vicious Cycle (A.V.C.) for short.

    And don`t get me wrong. It happens with all good faith, by good willing medical professionals, helping to get you healthy, lose weight, and "manage" your diabetes, and cholesterol level based on "evidence-based" practices.

    And yet, you`ll get more weight, you`ll be on more and more medication and get sicker and sicker...

    And this is why.

    Let`s follow Mr. X on a routine check-up.

    CC: none (Medical jargon for Chief Complaints)

    Nothing wrong with him, a little bit overweight, coughs here and there, snores at night, but otherwise robust, and strong.

    At his appointment he learns that his BMI high, his blood pressure elevated, he needs to quit smoking, exercise more, and watch his diet, and is put on low salt diet, and prescribed some diuretic medication, as the first line of hypertension management.

    Next visit is a little disappointing because his blood pressure is better, but now he has elevated cholesterol so he is put on low cholesterol/low-fat diet.

    He returns, and although his blood pressure is a little bit better now, his cholesterol is elevated. He is scolded for not following the diet properly and presumably eating lot of "junk" on the side, and now he`s prescribed a "statin" drug.

    He returns, and although his cholesterol improved a little, now his tryglycerides are elevated, and he has elevated blood sugar. He gets another antilipid drug with some diabetic medication, and put on consistent carb, low-fat, low salt diet, and low protein diet because of his kidney function.

    Interestingly he gains more weight, by this time his labs are more out of order, and the "wild goose chase" starts. Adding more meds to the regime, and more to treat the side effects of the prescribed regime.

    By this time he is really depressed, irritable, really obese, has high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, his uncontrolled diabetes now is managed with added Insulin, he has prostate problems, obviously acid reflux, sleep apnea...

    Let`s take a look at his Prescribed Medication list;

  • Aspirin (everybody is on, goes without saying)
  • A combination of "statin" drugs, usually 2-3
  • Tryglyceride Med
  • Diuretics
  • A combination of antihypertensives (ACE inhibitors, Beta blockers, etc.)
  • Nebulizers for his COPD
  • PPIs for his GERD
  • Prostate Meds
  • Pain Meds for osteoarthritis
  • Some antidepressant for his depression
  • deffinitely Aricept and Namenda for starting dementia
  • And this only if everything went well, no surgery, stroke, or heart attacks, and no any mental problems which further adds to the drug regime.

    Not surprisingly, an average 70 year old patient admitted to his nursing home, brings a bag of meds comprising at least 20 medications.

    And let me be clear on this. None of the above mentioned "medicines" actually cure any of the diseases. They are only "managing" the symptoms.

    What went wrong?

    You already know the answer, yes, the problem that started this metabolic havoc to begin with is…


    Here are the problems in a bulletin format…

  • Eating low animal protein, low or no fat at all diet, is problematic because your body becomes nutrient and fat soluable vitamin depleted, not to mention the fact that our brain, and our nervous system need cholesterol and lipids as a building stone, also it is a vital component of cell membranes, precursor to important hormones and salts.
  • It means that not only that we need lipids in our diet, but also our body, (liver) is able to produce large amount of it, guided by....INSULIN.
  • Cholesterol is such an important building element that if it disappeared from our body, we would vaporize away.
  • While cholesterol is essential to life, adversely, when local intima injury and endothel inflammation occur, it can penetrate under the subendothelial layer resulting in plaque formation and ultimately atherosclerosis with all its resulting dangers, like heart attack, stroke, hypertension, et cetera, but simply blaming only the cholesterol without analyzing the bigger picture is a convenient view.
  • So abandoning a vital nutrient and changing to a vegetable oil, low fat, high glycemic index complex carbohydrate diet based on starch and sugar, is not a "healthy" diet at all. Your blood sugar shoots up all the time and INSULIN will be released from the pancreas to regulate it 24/7. Why is that a problem?
  • Because over the decades, Insulin Resistance develops, meaning, more and more insulin is needed to accomplish the blood sugar lowering effect. Why is that a problem?
  • Sure, Insulin is important, as a blood sugar controlling hormone, but it is also a catabolic hormone, making our cells receptive to absorbing the nutrients. Also it has other, not frequently mentioned metabolic effects, namely it is also a "growth hormone", too much of it is harmful, it can cause lots of damage, works together with the glycocorticoids, subsequently causing hypertension, high cholesterol level, et cetera.
  • But the biggest problem is that it won`t let your adipose tissues burn and release fat as long as we keep pouring sugar, and starch into our body. Insulin levels will be constantly high, and more and more is produced because of the eventually developed Insulin Resistance, preventing any fat loss.

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    America's Obesity Epidemic

    The real story...


    ...When I first became interested in obesity, I, like most Americans, assumed it was a major health problem…

    …the more papers I read, the more experts I interviewed, the more I realized that there was a real problem…

    …I was astonished how weak most of the statistical claims really were.


    Table Of Contents

  • A Big Fat Problem
  • What Is Fat?>How Obesity Became An Epidemic
  • Why We Hate Fat People
  • Women, Fat, and the Sexual Market
  • Fat Genes and the Obesity Blame Game
  • Super Sized Misperceptions
  • Paradox Of Freedom
  • Obesity Policy: The Fix Is In
  • Unmaking the Obesity Epidemic