Does Natural Healing really exist?


Natural healing is going on inside our body every second. Microbes and germs attack us continuously, DNA mutates frequently, and noxious agents harm us every day, yet we’re not sick 24/7. Our body’s innate immune system and repair mechanisms eliminate the harm. It is only when our natural defense gets compromised when we start feeling symptoms and get sick.

Accepting the notion that our body (and all living creatures) has innate healing capacity, it is a logical next step to assume that nature itself has the ability to facilitate this healing process. Indeed, our ancestors used natural remedies all the time. European folklore contains abundant references to herbs and mushrooms, cupping and massage, smoke and aroma therapies, flourishing parallel to official mainstream medicine over thousand of years.

One should not assume that only healers and some type of shamans rely on the power of nature. It may sound surprising but even our high-tech, modern therapies, and surgical interventions aim for nothing more or less but to restore normal anatomy and physiology so our body has a chance to use its natural rejuvenating potentials.

So it seems that healers and medical practitioners, ancient or modern, traditional or conventional have assimilated Hippocrates` old axiom...

"Physician treats but it is Nature that ultimately heals"

Medicus curat, Natura sanat

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