Mind-Aging simply means that the reason we`re aging is because we “believe in it” on a subconscious level.

Our subconscious mind has immense power over us, our thoughts and beliefs can kill or cure, depending on the programming.

Our subconscious “subconsciously” programs our mind creating mind-aging.

As we see elderly with their debilitating diseases and Alzheimer we subconsciously believe that it is coming, it is our fate. We are even saying things like:

"Oh, I just had a senior moment."

We ask -

"How Old Are You", instead of "How Young Are You?"

The uttered words have extreme suggestive (hypnotizing if you wish) power –

To clearly see the power of mind-aging, let`s talk about the power of our thoughts and ideas just for a minute.

Our house, our car, the bridges, an airplane, the steam engine, Otto-motor, electric light, the telephone, the computer, every single product, even the creation of our own World in the Bible, started out of with a single thought… one word…

Let it be.

It is the idea that comes first…

… followed by precise engineering or thru thousands of trials and errors until it gets produced, or "created" for that matter.

Nothing exists until it “appears” first in someone`s MIND.

Why would we think that this “creation” is only true for the technical, outside world.

It is not.

The manifestation of diseases and our own aging are all coming from our own mind, or at least our mind has an immense effect on it.

Quantum physics comes to provide assistance that clearly states that on a quantum level it is all just vibration, energy, and all comes into existence when the observer (our mind) interacts with it.

So our thoughts, especially our hidden subconscious thoughts and beliefs can alter reality, healing us or kill us, or even "slow down" the aging process...

...by simply altering our perception and belief about aging.


by our modern lifestyle who is old?

Consider this.

Women at my grandmother`s age, living in the villages of rural Hungary, were considered old at age 40. Acted old, looked old, dressed in black, wore babushka.

They usually married at age 15-16, fist child at age 17. Unmarried women reaching 20 were looked down on, considered to be "old maids".

Look at our modern women or men for that matter.

There is a paradigm shift that actually we are eye-witnessing in modern society. Nowadays a young lady does not even get out of high education until 22-25, does not even think of having family before 30 – 35.

The same stands for men, also. People in their thirties just settled in their carriers. “Senior citizens" in their sixties and seventies complete their unfinished studies or remarry and having children for that matter.

You still think a 40 year old woman is old? She`ll slap you. Although that was the common "misconception" not more than a half of a century ago.

So "forget about" (literary and figuratively) Alzheimer and all the nasty "aging" diseases.

Modern neuroscience confirmed that we do not even reach our full mental capacity until age fifty. The notion that neurons degenerate is not true, it is very preventable, you can live a long life healthy with clear mental abilities, looking considerably younger than your chronological age.

Mind-aging means...

" This is only in your MIND.”

Do you still think that your way of thinking, your negative thoughts, your attitude, YOUR (subconscious) MIND, has nothing to do with you, with your health, with your look, and with your aging?

Paraphrasing Dale Carnegie...


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Your Mind

Some excerpts on success and what these great minds have to say about how your Mind can alter your perception, and ultimately your life.

We cannot change the world, we cannot change others, however we can do one thing for sure...

...we can change our attitude, we can change our way of thinking.

Your Mind, Your consciousness comes first, and the material world and the universe will follow.

Either you`re seeking

  • Wealth
  • Health
  • Happiness
  • or whatever it may be...
  • if you change your way of thinking, your attitude, and start focusing on the positive things, the world (your world) will change and the Universe will respond.

    I do not want to sound too esoteric or religious, but this video is a must to see as describes wonderfully the Law of Attraction, as understood by Newton, Da Vinci, Einstein, Ford, Bell, Churchill, Carnegie, Bill Gates, and all the modern day billionaires, how your attitude can change your circumstances.

    My own acupuncture office, this website, living in Japan, coming to America, and lots of other things in my life materialized from simply "following a dream", yet better, following an active "vision".

  • Imagine
  • Believe
  • Feel
  • Create
  • Whatever you want...

  • never get sick
  • heal from a certain disease
  • relationship
  • happiness
  • money
  • Whatever it may be...

    ...this Video is a must to watch on how your Mind effects your Health, and even your Wealth...