Strenghten Your Energy With

Here’s how it works…

An energy field surrounds us, protecting our body from malevolent noxas. It circulates among the muscles’ omnipresent fascia planes. Anterior Abdominal Wall shown with fascia planes I included this anatomy illustration to make it more visual. We look at the anterior abdominal wall from the inside ( internal organs removed). You can see the abdominal muscles and the white sheaths of fascia layers covering them. Between these fascia layers, like a protective shield, circulates an energy field - called Wei Qi.

Internal martial arts like Tai Chi or Qi Qong are capable to strengthen this virtual plane to the extent that the practitioners allegedly are capable even withstand penetrating sharp objects. (Shaolin monks, etc.)

Chinese man with meridian

This energy field is like a garden hose. When the hose is empty it can be easily blended and coiled up. However, when the water is on and it flows through with high speed, the hose is resistant to anything. Same way, as long as your Qi is strong and flows unobstructed among these fascia planes, no external pathogens can penetrate into your body. When your Wei Qi is weak…..

…that’s why we need to be prepared...

So we don’t need to wake up every morning to perform Qi Qong exercises in the snow (not a bad idea though)…

Instead, Use Acupuncture

This energy shield strengthening indication is not utilized or emphasized frequently enough, although it can effectively boost your core energy.


  • Qi Qong Like Acupuncture Technique
  • Strengthen Your Core Energy
  • Resist Bacterial and Viral Infections
  • Enjoy High Energy Levels
  • Self Heal
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