The Ear Microsystem
as Auricular Acupuncture

Dr. Paul Nogier

The discovery of the ear microsystem, similar to other great discoveries in science and medicine, happened accidentally.

Newton`s apple, Szent-Gyorgyi`s Vitamin C, Flemming`s Penicillin, Fahlberg`s Benzene-ring, Semmelweis` Chlorine are all great examples, just to name a few, how through observations of nature or simply just trying to find answer to certain observations great minds found great discoveries...

...Dr. Paul Nogier (photo left) was a family doctor practising in Lyon and while seeing patients in the 50`s and 60`s, he recognized that some of his patients` ears were burnt, healed with scars. Inquiring about the origin of the strange injuries, he was surprised to learn that his patients` ears were intentionally cauterized by local healers, treating sciatic nerve and back pain this way.

inverted fetus

Treating back pain through the ear sounded like a nonsense for a Western trained physician back in the time, (even nowadays for the uninitiated), so he started his quest and discovered an amazing system...

...The inverted fetus in the ear....

and he is considered the father of modern auriculotherapy, making this system known to modern medicine.

earpirate Treating diseases with the ear, as surprising as it may sound from our modern "scientific" point of view, apparently was very well known to natural healers not only in France but all around the ancient world.

Fashion and certain habits, historically, always originate from some practical use.

Wearing ear rings for example allegedly originates from the pirate era and back in the time it served its special purpose. The ring was usually inserted into the middle of the lobe of the ear, which is the eye point, apparently strengthening the pirates` eye-sight which is a good thing on the open waters. Also when the pirate was killed, retrieving the golden ring from his ear covered his funeral expenses.


Using computer analogy, the ear with its body point representations can be percieved as some type of a peripheral input device, like a keyboard, through which the central processor (brain) can be influenced. The ear microsystem even works reverse, ill points in the body affecting the brain, the brain signals to the ear which can be used detecting, diagnosing problems. The affected points` impedance changes in the ear, pressing on the points cause pain, or nowadays electric impedance meter can be used to measure the lower resistance (sick) points, detecting a higher electrical conduction.

ear treatment As such, the ear microsystem can be used both as a diagnostic device and also as an immediate therapeutic input. Points that are sensitive for manual palpation posses low electrical resistance, at the location of the affected organs corresponding with the map of the inverted fetus. Needling these points not only cause immediate pain relief but induce real healing.

While the majority of the acupuncturists uses the ear microsystem only to accentuate their meridian (body) treatments, others utilize exclusively the ear in their acupuncture practice partially because it is so effective, but partially because it is easy to access, and this leads us to a special application...

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...Battlefield Acupuncture

Colonel Dr. Richard Niemtzow, USAF, current President of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture, developed a special technique in the Walter Reed Medical Center, utilizing special master points on the ear in a certain sequence, designed to eliminate pain and improve function instantly.

Although designed for the battle field, paradoxically this technique is getting more and more popular in an office setting, also can be used for emergencies, or in disaster struck areas where medical aid is limited.

The "injected" little gold needles or little seed magnets can stay in the ear for a couple of days, eliciting the healing effect and control pain for a prolonged period.

Also they can be self stimulated periodically.

Example: Seeds for weightcontrol

auricular acupuncture points for weight control

Important Masterpoints


These special Masterpoint point combinations can be also used for smoking cessation, addictions, (NADA protocol), but there are other indications like infertility, weight loss when the focus is more on the ear microsystem as the base of the therapy.

ASP gold seeds in ear

Notice the little GOLD needle in Shen-Men, and the metal and gold combination in Cyngulate Gyrus. (Bimetallic combination create a micro electric current placed in ionized solution, which is the human body.)