Dr. Mihaly,

Dr.Mihaly performs scalp acupuncture

Beside Meridian, Auricular, and Scalp Acupuncture, Dr. Mihaly is also trained in Rei-Ki (Japan), and Prana-nadi, (3rd degree - Tibet).


He has been practicing medicine and surgery for 25 years in different cultures like Hungary, Japan, Turkey, and U.S.

Expert in both Western & Eastern Diagnostics and Therapies, Promoting natural healing to maintain mental and physical well-being, restore function, and eliminate pain.

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*Traumatic Brain Injury

*Migraine and inconsolable pain

*Stroke (motor and sensory dysfunctions)

*Speech and hearing problems

*Multiple Sclerosis

*Lou Gehrig`s disease (ALS)


*Cerebral Palsy



*Facial rejuvenation



*Smoking cessation



*Irritable Bowel Syndrome

*Palliative Care