Chinese Scalp Acupuncture,
History and Neuroscience

Dr. Jason (Jishun) Hao HISTORY

Chinese Scalp Acupuncture, a modern acupuncture technique designed to treat primarily but not limited to neurological disorders, was developed by

Dr. Jiao Shunfa, a famous neurosurgeon living in China, and...

Dr. Zhu, currently practicing in San Jose, California.

Their needling technique targets certain areas on the scalp to treat the whole spectrum of motor and sensorial malfunctions of the body caused by central nervous noxa; stroke, trauma, ischemia...

Dr. Shunfa has been developing his Chinese scalp acupuncture method since the 1950`s and published it first in the early 70`s, presented at the first International Acupuncture Conference, 1987, in Beijing.

Dr. Hao and Dr. Mihaly

Dr. Jishun Hao, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, graduate of HeilongJiang University, brought and introduced the technique to the western world.

He is currently the president of the International Academy of Scalp Acupuncture, a superb practitioner, Zen painter, and excellent lecturer.


Our brain is a super web of trillions of interconnected neurons. It is well known that we normally do not use its capacity to the fullest, actually only a small percentage of it.

There is no real explanation why certain functions, like memory, vision, hearing, motor, and so on, are or should be localized to only one anatomical area, and actually this old model has been recently challenged. Chaos theory describes a new brain model with more complex integrated functions.

Scalp acupuncture

If we could stimulate or train certain areas of the brain to take over function from damaged regions, (theoretized Dr. Shunfa) we could (theoretically) restore, regain function even after severe debilitating disasters like stroke or traumatic brain injury. And this is exactly what`s happening, and probably this is the only possible explanation of why and how formerly paralyzed (status post stroke) extremities can start moving.

I do not think that back in the 70`s Dr. Shunfa was aware of complex chaos theory, yet his theory has been proven right over the decades in practice.

brain With scalp acupuncture neuron pathways from damaged or ill areas are redirected to healthy, formerly not fully exploited and used with full capacity areas, so lost functions can be regained. An other theory explains the effect by angiogenesis, revascularizing the damaged areas, but this does not explain why dead and infarcted areas can be functioning again. That is why I believe the theory of taking function over is more plausible.

scalp acupuncture

Now, I do not have a real good explanation for why the scalp, actually that targeted "marshmallow" layer just under the aponeurosis above the skull`s periosteum has any connection and interaction with the brain, but it has, thus stimulating the corresponding zones on the scalp will effect the brain, a revolutionary phenomenon that apparently startled Dr. Shunfa more than his patient back in the time.

The rest is history.

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