Burn Fat
with Acupuncture
and the new dietary paradigm

Burn fat and lose weight is not an impossible mission if one is truly motivated and willing to follow some basic rules based on an "old", yet newly re-evaluated and scientifically proved dietary model.

Mainstream media and pharmaceutical industry sponsored medical literature state it otherwise, we`ll basically introduce you to the "new" model, the stuff that they don`t want you to know about.


First of all, we don`t really care how much you weigh. This sounds like a shocking statement, but the truth of the matter is that Height and Weight ratio based Body Mass Index is an arbitrary association, you can weigh 300 Lbs, as long as it is lean muscle mass, it is just fine. Yet looking at it from a BMI stand-point, you will be considered overweight. So again, it is not the weight that is important but your muscle/fat ratio in your body.

With our Acupuncture assisted and proper diet-driven-program, you will burn fat ( if you want), and not just simply lose weight (fluid, whatever), as with other programs.


Another shocking statement of ours is that calories, namely strict calorie counts do not matter that much.

Calculating your daily calorie needs minus your calorie intake keeping it in the minus side is a beautiful mathematical approach, completely ignoring your body`s biochemical reactions and the nutrients` biological values. So eating an alligator or eating the same calorie amount of barrel of ice-cream, although mathematically they represent the same calorie amount, biologically, they do different things.

So obviously, it is not the amount of calorie that matters that much but instead, what constitutes that calorie, alligator or ice-cream, ultimately, what your body decides to do with it.

Alligator is a protein fuel, so while providing the body with energy, in lack of insulin, fat will be still burning, as opposed to ice-cream, and consequently high insulin levels, store the excess carbohydrates as fat, yet the body is still energy depleted and malnourished in the lack of protein.

Following Our Program

...you`ll be eating more and healthier than ever, yet you`ll be losing weight by burning fat...

The more you eat the more you burn


  • Why low-fat,low cholesterol, high carbohydrate diet is harmful?
  • Why does it make you depressed?
  • Why can`t you lose weight despite you`ve already tried everything?
  • Our rules proven by blissfully forgotten medical historical evidences.
  • Proven by basic medical textbook evidences.
  • You`ll learn about banting.
  • You`ll change your diet and follow the Eskimos.
  • Your cholesterol will improve without drugs.
  • You`ll reach your normal weight.
  • You`ll cure your hypertension and your "metabolic syndrome".
  • You`ll see permanent results, soon.
  • You`ll become healthy.
  • But most importantly,

  • you`ll understand why our program works and why others fail.


    Acupuncture is an excellent tool to assist and guide you in this process, but first you need enough

    ...motivation, and dedication, should I say reason for commitment, to be able to follow the "new guidelines", but if you do, you can naturally achieve amazing results without too much sacrifice.

    Actually, you`re going to rediscover long forgotten and "prohibited" tastes and food products.

    My goal was to point out and put together the compelling combination of dietary rules.


    You`ll see, no specific recipes, only PRINCIPLES, no gym time, no special cooking, no hassle, just some reasonable, logical health secrets that our grandmothers all knew, only we were manipulated to forget.


    I won`t advice you to exercise more, that you hear enough from everywhere. Follow any reasonable exercise programs from other sources especially if they make sense and they won`t put your body at too much extremes.

    Yet, again, you need fuel and that is not the carbohydrates, as you already know having read my other pages.

    little geisha

    Our burn fat rules weight loss for the rest of us is meant to help otherwise asymptomatic individuals who would like to lose weight in a "healthy" and permanent way.
    Our rules are so effective that even if you adhere to only one of them, you will lose weight.

    Acupuncture will provide all the aid you need to accomplish this task, recalibrating and programing your body and brain.

    Our goal is no more than 3- 4 Lbs loss a week, we want to keep you healthy and balanced.


    Caveman knew what protein power really means. Some scholars say the invention of modern agriculture was the beginning of our end.

    Caveman, or any other contemporary (not yet annihilated) indigenous tribes for that matter, does not eat starch, flour, pure sugar, modern agriculture produced wheat products and trans fat oils...

    ...caveman eats meat, animals, some fruit and minimal vegetables.

    He follows the rules of this book and eats high content protein. No processed sugars, no carbs, no starch. He does everything just the opposite of what our current main stream media and medical experts preach in order to lower your cholesterol, and fight the "obesity pandemic."



    Every bite that we put in our mouth becomes us, digested and absorbed by us, affecting us. Every bite counts. Every bite should count. We are what we eat as Hippocrates stated, food is our medicine.

    Yet, the majority of us, except for dietitians, health gurus and fitness trainers, don`t give a second thought to what to eat, when to eat it, how to eat it, when is enough. We don`t really care about what we hurry to shove in or gulp down in our rushed life for decades after decades. The result is…?

    ...well, we wear those results.

    little geisha Patience is the key. Do not forget that the waste products and fatty tissue did accumulate on your body over decades. We need to strive for a steady burn with caution.

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