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"If you have life in you, you have access to the secrets of the ages,
for the truth of the Universe resides in each and every human being."

Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969)


Anti-aging is a misnomer as despite the extensive research and all commercial "fountain of youth" products out there, there is no (officially) accepted scientific method (yet) currently available to slow down, reverse or avoid the aging process, or dying for that matter.

Now, (non-officially on the other hand), there are some ancient energy work exercises, some of them receiving more and more attention like Qi Qong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and others like The 5 Tibetan long forgotten, rejuvenating effects.

Also, (non-officially) there some recently identified natural chemicals available showing rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle effects that you should know about, so we`re going to talk about them here a little.

I am to share with you interesting facts and observations those of which seem to "slow down" the aging process, as such ultimately make you feel, function, and look younger than your chronological, real age.

The goal is after all:

To achieve, keep, and function at our best potentials at any given stage of our life span.


The “rules” and recommendations I describe on the “Never get sick”, Weight loss”, “Anti-aging”, “The Five Tibetan”, and other pages on this website, are all connected.

After all, the “rules” of a healthy life, going thru a healthy aging process avoiding diseases, and how to maintain a healthy and balanced mind and body, are all intertwine.

The importance of well-balanced diet and appropriate, harmonious exercise, cannot be overemphasized.

For my Spanish speaking readers, you can see specific anti-aging exercises for retired people on this great family diet and exercise website.

Zen Circle

As the Zen Circle represents it, at the end all comes together.


What is the most important thing to do not to get old?


That`s right. Do not think of it. It`s all in your (subconscious) MIND...

Just click on it above, I`ll explain it on a separate page… I`ll wait here…

Okay. So we can move to my next point...


It is almost a cliché among TCM and other alternative medical practitioners that in our western society, life style, bad nutrition, and stress, are all ultimately weaken our innate immune system and original life energy.

As we`re all energy depleted, there are some energy exercises I would like to show you, capable to replenish, and strengthen our inner energy. These exercises all have rejuvenating and healing capacity.

  • …which is the most interesting, and appealing concept (at least to me) amidst the other energy work exercises, (Yoga, QiQong, Prana-nadi, Aikido and so on) because the 5 Tibetan is simple to perform and has a unique rejuvenating impact.

    I personally witnessed the concept almost thirty years ago in Istanbul, or I`m just forcing this association you might say, nonetheless I think that it is intriguing that the whirling dervishes perform the same spinning as it is one of the five rituals among the Five Tibetan. Read my story…

  • Qi Qong
  • Qi Qong, Tai- Chi, Kung Fu, are all Chinese (Martial Arts) related energy works having excellent healing and anti-aging properties.

    They take lots of dedication to practice them regularly, and a good instructor is a must. Nonetheless, a certain style of Qi Qong has been emerging recently, Medical Qi Qong, emphasizing the healing aspects of the energy work exercises under authentic, licensed practitioners. It is definitely worth a try, it`s fun, and has excellent rejuvenating potentials.

  • Aikido is a very compelling Martial Art that has a very interesting philosophy and Qi cultivating attribute beyond the actual physical moves.

    This special Qi work exercise makes it unique and although it is a Japanese art, it is very similar to Qi Qong, and has the same or similar effect in regards to anti-aging and how never get sick.


    Weakening our original energy equals with weakening and shortening our life. There are ways to protect and strenghten this energy.

  • Rhytmical walk
  • Going for a walk after (a healthy) supper, instead of laying down on the sofa eating chips and watching TV, strenghtens and recruits Qi, a key to anti-aging.

    Walk rhytmically, as if with a goal, eyes straight ahead on the horizone. Ideally out in nature, at places with strong earth/magnetic energy, with trees, and natural waters, ponds, or water-falls. Again, ideally.

    But walking in the neighborhood on the asphalt is still better than not walking, at all.

    Caveat. Walking with a friend chit-chatting, you might burn some calories, yes, but it weakens your energy, especially with lots of talking.

  • Where your neighbors can`t see you. Close your eyes, and enjoy.

    Concentrate on your feelings, feel the breeze on your face. Meditate...

    Very powerful. Also very stress-reducing.

  • Tao, certain Yoga branches, the Ayur Veda, Kama Sutra all have extensive chapters dealing with sexuality, the rejuvenating, anti-aging, and healing effects of reproductive energy.

    Over thousand years they have learned and realized the rejuvenating potentials of this power, and how to avoid or at least minimize the harmful loss and waste of Yuan Qi (original energy.

    These techniques and practices are also very useful in modern days for couples with infertility problems.

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    Do you wanna live for a hundred years?

    When I ask this question, almost everyone says it without an exception, - "oh, no, no way."

    Why not? Because, they say, they rather die before all those nasty diseases, cancer, Alzheimer, et cetera come around...

    How about living hundred years but healthy and good looking? That is a different ball game. Agree?

    Why do we grow old, after all?

    Well, it looks like that it is programmed on a cellular level.

    Although the theory of aging and why and how we’re programed to die are ultimately pretty interesting, we are not going into it here and now, rather address it from a different angle.


    It`s actually not what you eat, (it is very important, too), but in this case I would like to emphasize the actual amount of what you eat is utmost important.

    Recent science has found, coinciding with ancient wisdom, that caloric restriction

    actually has life prolonging effect.

    There are European folklore referrals to this.

    In Hungarian language they refer to elderly people as s/he ate most of his bread...

    "megette kenyere java't"...

    in Chinese phylosophy the notion is that everybody has an "asigned" amount of food for his life, the sooner you eat it, the sooner you die.

    To translate this to our modern understanding, it can be either because overweight people tend to die earlier due to their co-morbidities, or it can be due to...

    eating a lot (as such digesting lots of food), weakens your original life energy, also sucks it away from more important functions such as immune system and autonomic regulations.


    I would like to mention some chemicals and nutrients that have anti-aging potentials.

  • In Vino Veritas...
  • This literally means that the truth is in the wine which originally meant that drunk people always say the truth.

    However, this old Latin phrase has more truth to it based on historical medical observations.

    Every vascular surgeon knows that alcohol has arterial cleansing effect removing and solving atherosclerotic plaques. The older generation probably remembers their good old family doc advising on a small glass of red wine after supper. Later this was intentionally suppressed as authorities did not want the information on the beneficial effects of red wine to be a justification for alcoholics.

    Nevertheless, recent studies started to suggest red wine’s newly re-discovered benefits.

    A small dose of it on a regular basis, the drier it is the better, has Insulin Resistance lowering effect; consequently it lowers cholesterol and burns fat.


    a compound found in red wine showing anti-aging properties has been recently generating lots of buzz in the media as the new fountain of youth.

    I leave it up to you whether to rush to purchase a small bottle of Resveratrol or a thousand bottle of red wine. If you vote on red wine, handle it with care and consider it as medicine or dietary supplement, so do not drink the one thousand bottle on one day. Remember that ethyl alcohol is a fat soluble poison after all.


    is a compound in our connective tissues along with collagen and elastin. As we age, the amount of these important biological chemicals decreases along with the moisture holding capacity, hence the skin wrinkles drastically.

    Certain vegetables contain these important ingredients. Daily consumption prevents aging, skin wrinkles, dementia, and all the burdens of the usual tear and wear type of aging process; keeping our connective tissues young.