Alternative Medicine,
is it scientific enough?

The term alternative medicine refers to treatment modalities usually associated with Oriental origin and their methodology falls out of the realm of contemporary, established, conventional medicine. Many times criticized as non-scientific practices.

What it means to be scientific, after all?

In the medical field it means that the proposed therapy has to be evidence based, supported by statistically evaluated medical trials, and can be explained by our current physiological, pathological, molecular-genetic principles.

So should we discard an alternative but effective therapy just because it is not following our current rules?

After all, our present day western medicine was not always as advanced, neither as scientific as it is now...

...not that long ago medical officials ridiculed Dr. Ignac Semmelweis, the father of modern anti-sepsis, for promoting hand washing. "Modern" psychiatry believed that mental illness is caused by evil spirits. Diseases were commonly treated by blood-letting and "modern medicine" made diagnoses based on the disturbances of the four humors, black bile, yellow bile, phlegm, and blood. These humors were also associated with the four seasons and elements..., sounds familiar?

So the point?

The point is that Western medical science really became scientific only in the past century...

...whereas ancient medicine tackled microbes successfully thousand years before Dr. Fleming forgot to wash hands for supper resulting in the discovery of Penicillin. The Mesopotamians were the best surgeons of the world back in the days. Classical Indian medicine describes detailed medical therapies, and they were also great surgeons. The Aztecs had profound herbal and narcotic knowledge. Ancient Egyptian medicine was very advanced, influenced greatly Greek medicine, the cradle of modern western medicine. Traditional Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese, Korean medicine successfully treated many diseases based on their advanced herbal, massage, and energy works...

...this list is endless but the point is that...

...Western medicine was not always modern and alternative medicine is more advanced than the uninitiated might think, and yes, both originate from the same root of ancient practices.

We should reconsider traditional medicine and instead of discarding it just because it is not always "fit in", we should approach it with open mind to see what it has to offer.

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