the way of "Anti-Aging"...

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Aikido and anti-aging might sound like a strange and forced association, but only at first sight.

It is true that Aikido is a modern Japanese Martial Art, but to claim that it is only a Martial Art is an oversimplification, and only the top of the iceberg. It has much more to offer...

Aikido is first and foremost the way of KI, (Japanese for Qi), as such one cannot practice Aikido on advanced level without embracing, and utilizing Ki. (Do not forget, that Qi Qong, and Tai Chi are also Qi energy exercises with medical values, and as a "side-effect", they are also Martial Arts.)

So How Aikido and Anti-Aging relate?


One of the basic principles of staying young (in my opinion) and working our way against aging is to stay flexible. This is basic, on the other hand we don`t hear about it that often.

So maintaining flexibility is a way to remain young. Yet, it is absolutely amazing how early, in childhood, the average person loses flexibility.

Aikido is an excellent way of maintaining one`s flexibility, as such assist remaining young.

Number #2 - QI

The factor is that Aikido uses, develops, and strenghtens KI, makes it an excellent vehicle to maintain youth and health.


While in Japan, Akai Sensei explained Aikido`s unique anti-aging effect from the ukemi standpoint. The frequent falls, and rolls activate special acupressure and acupuncture points, responsible for the anti-aging effect. (Beside excellent cardio and weight loss effect.)

Number #4 - CENTER

The Universe is infinite (let`s assume) so (theoretically) one can imagine being in the very center all the time. Some call it Subjective or Imaginary Centralization.

The Tan Tien point under the umbilicus is our center energetically, gravitationally, consequently that point can be regarded as the center of the Universe, us being in the center all the time. This rule does not alter the fact (mathematically)that everybody can be centered and be the center of the Universe, as long as it is infinite.

Our center can absorb all harm and generate all good.

Keeping CENTER (focus in Tan Tien) is a very interesting, and complex concept in Japan, or in the Orient for that matter.

When one is centered, s/he is in absolute control of his inner self as well as the outside world, remains naturally strong, always healthy, and practically invincible, physically as well as psychologically.

This notion is underscored in multiple anecdotes, Japanese tales, the story of Musashi, are all about this concept, a centered person who lives in harmony with nature, universe, and himself.

Books have been written on the topic, so I stop here emphasizing or wrapping it up as a conclusion the "secret" of anti-aging, and how never get sick...

  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Keep Center
  • Cultivate Ki
  • Harmony
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    Matsue Aiki-Kai, circa 1992
    Dr. Mihaly on left, Akai Sensei middle...

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    Dr. Mihaly taking ukemi from Kobayashi Sensei. Summer Camp, Budapest, 1996.

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    Dr. Mihaly performing San-Kyou...Honbu Dojo, 1992

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    Dr. Mihaly visiting Zen Shrine, Japan, 1995

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