Science and Tradition


has been successfully treating diseases for millenia.

"One of the first duties of the physician is to
educate the masses not to take medicine."

Sir William Osler



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  • It is our hope that this site contains enough useful information for interested patients and medical healthcare professionals about this medical system so they can place it into context with modern science.

    Consequently, the interested reader will be able to make an informed decision when to seek an acupuncturist's help.

    Acupuncture Theorem

    The diagnosis and treatments are based on a totally different conceptual theorem. Acupuncture has put our modern biomedical and scientific understanding of nature and medicine in a different perspective. This very versatile healing modality nowadays are being used more and more frequently to address different ailments, either as a stand alone or as a complementary method.

    The Bio-Energetic matrix

    So there`s this universal life ENERGY vibrating thru Universe connecting Heaven and Earth.

    The ancient Greeks referred to it as "pneumo", the sanskrit word is 'Prana", in Japanese it is "KI" (key), in Chinese it is called Qi (chee), and Obi van Kenobi just simply refers to it as the "FORCE".

    It circulates in our body thru an invisible channel system, connecting and nourishing our internal organs. North and South American, African, and Australian indigenous tribes, the East, and all ancient civilizations described, used, and relied on it as palpable, real, 'vital force'.

    Opposing forces keep it in balance, symbolized by Yin and Yang , the most well-known Taoist symbol to the modern Westerner.

    Is It Real?

    Our ancestors believed in an invisible life energy so much that they based a whole, and very effective medical system on it.

    After all, they erected pyramids out of nothing in the middle of the desert, they balmed their Pharaohs, they erected Stonehenge, they laid the Nazca lines...

    The ancient Chinese civilization built a 5000 km long paved stone wall across the Asian wilderness, they invented gunpowder, the compass, paper money, their tactics and strategies are used in modern warfare, they had astronomical, technological, nautical inventions and knowledge puzzling the modern West, yet...

    When it comes to medical knowledge, they based their diagnoses and treatments on magic and sorcery?

    Did the Oriental practitioners, the Tibetan, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese doctors, willie-nilly place needles into certain body points of their patients and hoped for the best so their subject, thru autosuggestion, hypnosis, or placebo, will get miracously better?


    Or there is a different conceptual, a different scientific and theoretical framework existing, describing our same world, the same reality from a different angle?

    Dancing Wu Li Masters

    Well, it may be a different angle, might be using allegorical descriptions, but surprise, surprise, our modern twentieth century scientific evolution placed the ancient wisdom into new perspectives.

    The paradigm change in modern physics, pioneered by Einstein, the paradoxes of quantum physics, chaos theory, energetics of living systems, the new holographic universe, the new biophysics of complex medical systems provide a promising new opportunity to elucidate the mysteries behind traditional medical systems.

    The Wu Li Masters is a must-read best-seller that explains ancient wisdom from a quantum physics prospectives. Qi, Yin and Yang, and all the philosophical principles of the East do make perfect sense examined by particle physics.

    "...I`ll let science guide me..."

    President Obama

    Our goal is to explain the new acupuncture paradigm, providing...

  • modern biomedical and bioenergetic backgrounds...

  • the science behind the esoteric descriptions...

  • a comprehensive indication list...

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  • East and West

    This best-seller explains ancient wisdom from a quantum physicist perspectives.

    Qi, Yin and Yang, and all the philosophical principles of the East do make perfect sense examined by particle physics.

    An easy and entertaining read about the relationship between East and West.