Weight Loss

  • No Artificial Pills
  • No exercise
  • No hassle
  • No sacrifice
  • Weight loss with acupuncture is an excellent treatment modality. However, how it works and how it is capable to alter your metabolism are just the part of a larger picture. What also very important is...


    The past decades "scientific” literature based dietary advice:

  • Avoid animal fat
  • Avoid saturated fat
  • Avoid cholesterol
  • Switch to trans fats
  • Change your diet to low-fat high complex carbohydrate diet
  • in the name of lowering your cholesterol in order to prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes, et cetera, beside that it is against all basic medical textbook principles, there is no medical evidence supporting this point.

    To be on this recommended low-fat-high – carbohydrate diet, (practically telling us we`re fat because we eat too much fat,) is missing any basic biochemical understanding of how the human body operates.

    Current rules need to be revisited

    By advising low-fat, high carb diet, paradoxically, puts our body in a high INSULIN, yet starvation mode, it will result in chronic fatigue, depression, high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, and ultimately...

    makes us gain more and more weight.

    Please click here to read the enlightening revelation.


    The real deal is our added dietary and detoxifying rules that will assist you losing weight:

    Acupuncture + Willpower + Burn Fat Rules

    Weight Loss For The Rest Of Us is a dietary and eating habit modification we gathered over the years based on biomedical principles and evidences. The new evidences and proposed dietary paradigm shift is completely contradictory to our current


    "scientific" misconception.


    We`re not offering the quick and easy way.

    Our method will require your dedication and willpower to come to the treatments and to be able to follow the (Eskimo diet) and eating habit rules and recommendations, which is shockingly against all current official expert advises.

    On the other hand, with our help, if you will adhere to these suggestions, you are not only going to lose weight naturally over a course of time (the goal is about 5 pounds a week) no matter what, but it will (paradoxically) lower your cholesterol, lower your blood pressure. Actually, the metabolic benefits start before even the "recognizable" fat burning starts.

    Our goal is to restore your natural balance, reconnect you to your natural inborn, innate physiological wisdom,

    ... and keep the fire burning steady on.


    We live here and now.

    We have to consume what the food industry manufactures for us, shutting off our natural satiety center in the thalamus causing us to eat more.

    Wrong eating habits, no activity, stress, psychological reasons we start ignoring our body`s natural warnings and keep eating the...

    ...artificially prepared, artificially preserved, artificially sweetened and colored, genetically engineered, antibiotic fed, artificially fertilized, pesticide, reprocessed and refined FOOD,...

    ... made for mass consumption with little if any biological value.

    Here are some good documentaries about the food industry to make my point why diet and healthy food are essential to help you burn fat instead of accumulate.


    There are almost an infinite number of weight loss programs out there. Dietary programs, exercise programs, OTC or prescribed medications, surgical procedures…

    … a new advertisement pops up almost everyday on our browser.


    Or why we gain back what we have lost with these programs after we`re done with the program? The answer is...


    Let me explain.

    Your body has no idea that you`re dieting. As soon as food intake goes down, (your body does not know that you`re starving for good), so the famine back up mode gets initiated. Your body wants to store every bit of energy (fat) and squeezes every bit of energy out of whatever source is available.

    So the more you`re dieting, the more difficult it is to lose weight. By the time you overcome the initial "inertia of weight loss" as some experts call it, you`re already done and gave up. So you start eating "normally" which creates a rebound effect and you gain more weight than what you started with, as your body prepares for the next "famine".

    You also give up before overcoming the inertia because all the weight losing programs require your constant attention, concentration, efforts, and calculations; take the pill, watch what we eat, where to buy it, how to prepare it, count the calories, go to the gym, et cetera.

    Every method needs our extra time, constant attention, which if we are not absolutely disciplined or because we`re busy with our every day life, we simply do not have the time for, so we give up.

    Rebound effect...your body senses "famine" is over, so quickly stores on whatever calorie comes in to prepare for the next cycle of "famine", i.e. your next weight loss program.

    The next program is always better than the previous was, more reasonable, you`re enthusiastic about your new program for 3 days, the strong-willed for a whole week, than you`re back to your "normal" diet and daily routines, and back to your "normal" starting weight (the best) or come out with more weight on (the worst).

    INTERCEPTING THE VICIOUS CYCLE We need a method that is easy to follow without any special time or extra efforts.

    A method, some easy rules, that comes naturally, that is easy to incorporate in our busy life style and flows naturally with our daily activities, or at least not too disruptive.

    I said it is easy to incorporate but I did not say that it is easy to follow because it requires change. In order to change our body permanently, we need to change ourselves, and change our eating habits.

    But these changes will bring long term effects as our body will be set back to default mode and we, again, instinctively understand what our body needs, we become more energetic, in better shape, even ultimately healthy.


    Utilizing Traditional Chinese Medicine and adding some will power and new rules we can retrain your body to a naturally balanced (default) state of existence.

    The intelligent way to lose weight is to never starve, actually you will eat more frequently and healthier than you do now, and just keep the fire burning.

    No package deals, no personal trainer, no gym, no dangerous pills, no calorie counts…

    …only reasonable and biomedical science supported dietary recommendations and...


    We can evaluate your bio-psychological make-up, decide your governing elements with their related organs, and based on your patterns of disharmony and blockage of Qi, using body and ear points we can harmonize your imbalances and help your body to find and reprogram to its original natural state and start burning fat naturally.

    Gold seeds taped into ear for weight loss Acupuncture is able to strengthen your deficiencies with (usually) body and abdominal points and also to modify your satiety center with (usually) ear points.

    The needles altogether expedite the fat burning process and weight loss by reducing or completely eliminating food craving, recalibrating your normal satiety. (Turn the switch back to normal)

    ear needles The ear seeds can remain in place after your acupuncture appointment for many days and can be activated at will (pushing on them) before meals or any time during your day to enhance weight loss. Simple, easy, effective. (can hurt a little but that just means that the needles are in the "right" place.)


    Our rules are meant for overweight but otherwise "healthy" individuals who want to get in shape in a natural way. It does not suit patients in overly morbid obesity stage where diabetes management, stern calorie counts and insulin administration, or surgical weight loss procedures are necessary.

    If you are a diabetic, proper weight loss and diabetes management is particularly important.

    This is not to say that even in morbidly obese cases acupuncture, especially the satiety modifying ear needles, cannot complement ongoing other therapies, or you cannot benefit from our dietary program, however, more strict laboratory and monitoring measures need to be involved to prevent potential adverse effects.

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    Obesity is a pandemic...

    or at least this is the "official story" provided by the CDC and other government agencies since they came up with the new interpretation of the Body Mass Index which puts even Arnold Scwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone into the overweight, if not fat, category.

    The truth behind the "obesity endemic" covered and created by statistical biases.

    Nevertheless, it is true that our modern lifestyle, eating habits, food industry, and lack of physical activity make it inevitable to put on those extra pounds years after years.

    There is a correlation (according to official sources) between obesity and coronary artery disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis, stroke, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, respiratory problems.

    As such, by losing weight we do not only feel and look better but "evidently" we will become healthier. (More and more researches have been challenging this "misinformation", as there is no scientific evidence supporting the legend that losing weight on its own will reduce the risk of any disease, as an independent risk factor.)

    ACUPUNCTURE for weight loss

    This video nicely sums up the acupuncture techniques, body, ear, available for weight loss therapy. We apply the same principles at our clinic.