Acupuncture For Tinnitus


Tinnitus is a subjective sensation or perception described most frequently by the sufferer as “ringing of the ears” without real audible noise present in the outside.

This can be subtle and only noticed or “heard” when the outside background noise is low, like at night, or it can be disturbing all the time “heard” over the usual outside environment. Depending on its level and the patient`s sensitivity, it can be a real burden and life affecting problem.

At least ¼ of the United States population experiences or suffers from tinnitus. The underlying cause can be metabolic, vascular, infection, nerve degeneration, even tumor, or as simple as sound exposure like war or disco.

However, at least at one fifth of the patients involved, there has not been objective underlying cause found. This is more than ten million people, men, women, even children, in the United States alone.

No wonder that neurological, ENT, medical clinics specialize in and associations with excellent websites are dedicated to this phenomenon.


Because of the underlying cause can be so different the western treatments, targeting the possible etiology, are also vary from medication use like antibiotics, antiviral medications, antihistamins, steroids, thru sound or cognitive therapy, to surgical interventions like cochlear implants.

Yet, we still have tens of millions without a real, objective cause, and let`s face it, without a real treatment.

No objective findings, only subjective symptoms…


…right. If you read my other pages on the hierarchy of diseases and traditional Chinese diagnosis, you shout the answer now.

Yes, this is an ecclatant example of a Yin Yang imbalance, (usually) liver Yang rising coupled with Yuan Qi depletion.

This is amazing (at least for me) because while attempting to treat or at least manage tinnitus is a very frustrating experience for patients and their physicians alike, utilizing TCM principles it is a simple, straightforward, and very rewarding experience – for patients and their acupuncturist alike.

My Acupuncture

I utilize local ear points with scalp acupuncture, (manual or electro stimulation) to alleviate the subjective perception with usually great improvement on our first day, while subsequent treatments might be necessary to harmonize Qi, even follow up visits monthly or quarterly for maintenance. It really depends on.

But most importantly.

Any possible objective reasons need to be ruled out first, you do not want to miss an acustic neuroma.

However, after the appropriate work up and no objective findings, the western therapy resistant cases can respond to acupuncture very favorably.

After all, you`ve tried everything and nothing works, why not to try acupuncture? You`ll be pleasantly surprised.

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