Acupuncture Techniques

"Diagnose the disease but treat the patient"

Dr. Mihaly

What acupuncture technique to choose from in order to be able to correct the underlying energy imbalances most effectively, is a decision based on (Western and Chinese) history-taking and physical exam, on individual bio-psychotype patterns,


as well as taking into consideration different energetic and phase interactions, ultimately to answer the question...

...why the patient is not healthy.

Describing the underlying pathology with Traditional Chinese Medical terms will govern the adequate and appropriate therapeutic input technique.

  • Which points to piquere (based on their characteristics)
  • In what sequence
  • How to manipulate the inserted needles.
  • This acu-model depicts the acupuncture channels` representation on the surface of the human body.

    The points on the linear principal meridians, beside that they represent a vertical connection, are also connected to a more subtle underlying energy channel network, ModernChannelModel interacting and intertwining on multiple levels and depths which schematically can be demonstrated like this model on the left shows.

    I`ll describe this complex system of meridians in the relevant part of this website in more details, for now just note the surface energy shields, the complexity of this amazing, - linear, and zigzag - interacting energy channel system.

    Some claims it resembles of a computer, or an artificial neuron network system in a sense.


    As certain points on each linear channel also belong to more subtle underlying systems, with proper point selection and sequence of insertion, in other words choosing the proper input program, different meridian systems can be activated.

    This needle arrangement and sequence will provide a special programming code to stimulate the desired energy circulation.

    In other words, each system and subsystem has a unique and special needling code. Placing in the appropriate code (point selection and sequence) will rearrange and activate certain energy signal patterns in the respective system or subsystem.

    This will ultimately induce the healing process.

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