Acupuncture For Raynaud Phenomenon

Raynaud's phenomenon is a very uncomfortable and occasionally even very painful clinical symptom for which patients frequently seek the care of dermatologists, or even vascular surgeons.

Despite the fact that Dr. Raynaud described the “symmetric gangrene of the extremities” exactly a century and a half ago in 1862, the clinical picture of the “dead fingers” caused by recurrent vasospasm in the fingers and toes, the real underlying pathology and more importantly the treatment are still elude the researchers and clinicians.

The acral (finger end) vasospasm is frequently painful, causing cold, blue discoloration with tautness sensation. Although different pharm agents have been reported to manage the phenomenon, there is still no gold standard protocol available to satisfactory handle all the cases.

Recently, there has been renewed interest in finding the cure for Raynaud's phenomenon, an effort that has led to more acupuncture research. There is increasing reports in the literature to support acupuncture for Raynaud.

Utilizing Bah Feng points, related tendino-muscular meridians, and occasionally vasomotor area Chinese Scalp Points, we achieved excellent results in preventing the recurrence of this very uncomfortable clinical picture.

In my practice the involved female patients are usually Kidney Yin depleted, so we also address this issue with usually Ming Men input, also manage underlying emotional imbalances and stress with GV-20 and Ht-7 with excellent results.

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