Quantum Theory

The classic effects of acupuncture can be explained by quantum and chaos theory.

Throughout the course of the past two or three decades researchers, electro-physiologists, and physicists came to the conclusion that the electro-magnetic field around the living organisms is not only some sort of a byproduct of the biological activities but they have an absolutely important, immense influence on structuring, signaling, and ultimately reorganizing, rebuilding, (repairing?) the organism on a molecular cellular level. This revelation brings the once so ridiculed natural, healing with touch, or magnetic healers into a different light.

"Any advanced enough, unexplainable technique is indistinguishable from magic"

Arthur C. Clarke

It’s not magic any more. Since Einstein we understand that Energy equals Matter, as basically, on a quantum level, matter does not even exist, only resonating, interacting, energy frequencies. It seems very possible that placing acupuncture needles into the human body is not only triggers a linear electron-energy flow in the meridians fashion but acts on a different, electro-magnetic level.

Treating patients via the meridian systems throughout the interconnected meridian channels is just one way to explain the effects of acupuncture. It does not really explain the healing mechanisms of classic Chinese point combinations located on seemingly unrelated meridians.

Acupuncture Computer

Quantum physics comes to rescue. According to Oschman’s New Evidence On The Nature Of Healing Energy, acu points are connected not only throughout channel systems but on a higher level following chaos fractal principles. The individual microsystem points are seems to be nodules in a higher organizing energy computer matrix. Activating, (usually tonifying) these micro- points the practitioner actually turns on the energy-computer that then sends energy signals throughout this omnipresent energy-matrix helix present in and around the human body.

As now we know matter is only the manifestation of different frequency resonations; - when one activates the energy field via acupuncture, subsequently induces a natural healing signaling mechanism, repairing the material body by influencing its organizing bioelectric field.

There is no Eastern Medicine or Western medicine. There is only Medicine. A healing art that treats diseases. Chaos theory, principles and paradoxes of quantum physics, the now understood higher dimensional organization or living systems (an interacting multidimensional multiverse) are matter of facts in physicists circles providing elegant explanation to once frowned upon folklore, and traditional healing arts, bringing East (Yang) and West(Yin) onto the same page.

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