Acupuncture Microsystems

Chinese Face Microsystem

There are several acupuncture microsystems exist in our smaller body parts, holding the imprinted information of the whole body, as such the face, the scalp, even the hand represents a special system where in a "microcosmos", the whole body as "macrocosmos is represented.

In every day general meridian acupuncture practice the most frequently used ones are probably the...

  • Tongue
  • Ear
  • Pulse
  • The mere existence of these systems and their use in TCM diagnosis as well as therapy is an interesting concept.

    Abdominal Microsystem

    As their name indicates, every each of them is an imprinted miniature map of a larger system. In reference to the human body, acupuncture microsystems are blueprints carved as micro-references into different smaller body parts representing the whole body.

    Microcosmos in macrocosmos, building stones of nature, system in the system.

    One should not assume, though, that microsystems are only appreciated by Traditional Medicine.

    This may sound strange at first sight but modern science have recently started recognizing an organizing mapping force behind our visible world that can serve as a theory or explanation for acupuncture microsystems. Universal, miniature building fractals create a complex larger system, the human body or nature whatever the subject might be, based on rules governed by chaos theory of living systems.

    homunculus An eclatant western example for a microsystem can be borrowed from modern neuro-anatomy. The so-called homunculus, the inverted human body covering the motor and sensory gyrus on the surface of the brain, represents matching motor and sensory functions of corresponding body parts. Furthermore, they have projected representations on the scalp surface which leads to a very powerful system, the application of Scalp Acupuncture. (More on it later.)

    Furthermore, the genetic code embedded in one cell representing and holding information for the whole body can be perceived as a sophisticated microsystem.

    No wonder that microsystems were mapped, recognized, and used for millenia by ancient but very advanced Traditional Medical Systems.

    Some of the microsystems can be used for diagnosis only (like the tongue or pulse) and some for diagnosis and therapy (ear).

    Also we need to keep in mind that these systems evolved before modern medicine and technology, as such some of them, as a pure diagnostic tool, lost significance, at least among Medical Acupuncturists. What I mean is that an MRI or PET scan can be visualy more informative and diagnostic than a subjective microsystem, like pulse diagnosis per se.

    This statement meant not to be undermining Traditional diagnostic methods by any means, quite the contrary. However, in the field of diagnostics, the role of modern imaging studies are equally important, and whenever they fit, they should be incorporated and utilized, integrating with traditional diagnostic methods.

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