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"...By concentrating on smaller and smaller fragments of the body, modern medicine perhaps loses sight of the patient as a whole human being, and by reducing health to mechanical functioning it is no longer able to deal with the phenomenon, healing."

(Prince Charles, 1982,
addressing the British Medical Association)

Dr. Csaba Mihaly, M.D.

Dr. C. Mihaly MD., CWSP

Acupuncture is commonly referred to as alternative but it is probably less known that after long decades of fight for acceptance, it has finally received its well deserved place among western complimentary medical specialties.

In the U.S. this status is recognized by the Certifying Board and the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture.
Natural healing is based on up-to-date biomedical scientific evidences offering solutions to multiple medical and neurological conditions utilizing the whole spectrum of possible indications.
piquered Large Intestine 11 The reason I particularly like and practice this healing modality is because it is the only traditional art (to my best knowledge) where the practitioner can physically reach in, with one single needle, into the patient’s body to engage energy in order to induce healing.

It is also unique because it is capable to correct early energetic and physiologic disturbances where conventional medicine does not see a problem, yet. Therefore its preventive value cannot be overemphasized.

In my opinion everybody, even if they are healthy, or especially when they are still healthy, should receive treatments periodically.

Then our western medical offices would be abandoned, like this.

All the happy people But they are not because stress, bad nutrition, and all the hazards of modern life takes toll on us.

Acupuncture still has an important role either as a stand alone treatment or complementing more complex western therapies.

It is our hope that browsing our site you’ll find well rounded information about this ancient healing method.

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