For Athletic Injuries

It is widely known that acupuncture is excellent for treating acute or chronic musculoskeletal and neurogenic pain, on the other hand, its imminent therapeutic value for contusions, swellings, strains and spasms, is probably less known.

Torticollis Ten year old boy presents with torticollis. Right trapezius muscle spastic, painful forced position, unable to elevate right arm. GB-21 and TH-15 very tender for palpation. Because of his age, and being not too happy about receiving needles, we chose only one needle, consequently GB-21 piquered.


Needle left in place in neutral position for about twenty minutes. Child tolerated procedure very well, by the end he started warming up, telling jokes. After needle removal pain is completely gone, almost full range of motion.

This experience also demonstrates the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine for children.

Besides the above described indications, acupuncture also has values even in facilitating the healing of fractures. It can direct and send nourishing Qi and osteoblasts (new bone) to the fracture lines.

There are meridians protecting our body under the skin like an energy shield. By sending Qi to the area of injury thru the corresponding surface meridian and surrounding the localized area with focusing needles, we can eliminate pain and reduce swelling in a matter of minutes.

For more complex chronic injury, old fractures, contusions, old soft tissue injuries, ligament tears, it can facilitate the healing process and control pain by complementing conventional physiotherapy and other ancillary therapies.


I would like to emphasize that acupuncture does not substitute our high tech ER trauma, orthopedic, and neurosurgical work-up and necessary surgical treatments, nevertheless, it can complement the modern western therapies by facilitating the healing and assisting in better pain control.

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