Acupuncture Diagnosis

"We human beings are basically all made up of systems, and those systems will not function smoothly if one is completely out of sync with the other."

F. Nicholas Jacobs
International Director, SunStone Consulting


Conventional medicine, treating diseases based on merely “scientific” physiologic, anatomic, and pathologic principles, neglects another reality, missing the “point” figuratively and literary. No pun intended.

We understand diseases on a molecular and genetic level. We have specialists for every organ, almost one specialist for every disease. Then why is our generation sicker and more obese than ever?

Aren`t we missing something?


Traditional Medicine explores reality from a different perspective, as such acupuncture diagnosis differ from conventional paradigms.

Instead of asking why we are sick (as in western medicine), Traditional Medicine poses the question; why we are not healthy?

A healthy individual with a strong Qi, strong immune system, strong mind and will-power, always in balance, should never get sick, and should age healthy.

Traditional Medicine diagnoses and treats by finding and correcting the patterns of disharmony.

  • Where is the pattern of disharmony
  • What is the pattern of disharmony
  • Which organ(s), axis (meridians), systems are involved
  • It understands how seemingly unrelated presentations can connect. It explores the disease evolutionary process based on a different theorem, like the five phases for example, providing invaluable information both in diagnosis and also planning the therapy.

    In other words, the same Western diagnosis can have multiple Traditional Medical causes. Consequently, the therapy is individualized, tailored to the patient`s needs.

    Click here for an example... INTEGRATE – Medical Acupuncture

    In the clinic we definitely review and appreciate all the previous western work-ups and related history. Actually, patients presenting for acupuncture after they have tried everything else, can be very informative in certain instances.

    I am “cheating’ in sense. Before starting to treat a patient with acupuncture for excruciating migraine headaches for example, it is better to make sure that all the CTs, MRIs, and lumbar taps are negative.

    A patient worked up already for everything, following all the negative labs, CTs and MRIs, directs the physician`s thought process toward “alternative” explanations, finding the cause of the problems from a traditional approach.

    The therapy is mapped accordingly.

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